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UWC Student Orientation IRO Booth

The IRO, Confucius Institute and SANORD trio at the UWC Student Orientation Program.

For a dynamic duo of academic outreach, the Confucius Institute (CI) and the International Relations Office (IRO) recently took to the bustling grounds outside Jakes Gerwel Hall at the University of the Western Cape. Over the course of several days, educators and staff from both entities united in a mission to showcase their offerings to the university's freshest faces: the first-year students.

With banners fluttering and enthusiasm in the air, the teams eagerly engaged with passersby, inviting them to explore the diverse array of classes, courses, events, and activities available through CI and IRO. From language courses to cultural exchanges, from academic seminars to social gatherings, every facet of their vibrant programs was on display.

For the first-year students, this outreach provided a valuable introduction to the opportunities awaiting them beyond the classroom walls and a chance to immerse themselves in the broader cultural and global landscape fostered by these institutions.

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