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Chinese Language Courses

Contact our Chinese Teachers to start your lessons today! Learning Chinese is as easy as one, two and three!

Ms Ling Lin  


Ms Wilma Hugo


Classical Culture of China 

Understanding of China and Africa  

Business Chinese 

Medicine Chinese 

HSK Certificate: Youth Chinese Test, Business Chinese Test

TCSOL (Certificate)

Confident Female Teacher

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Dr Yang is our Chinese Medicine doctor and Acupuncturist. She facilitates the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture course and practices at the School of Natural Medicine. She also teaches Taichi courses at CI.  

Here is more information about TCM.  

If you would like a session, please book through here or email

Dr Hang Yang



Tea Tasting

At the Confucius Institute tea room, Chinese tea tastings provide a harmonious blend of tradition and flavor. The serene setting, adorned with Chinese aesthetics, hosts traditional preparations and tastings of green, black, oolong, and other teas. Guided by tea experts, attendees experience a rich journey into China's tea-drinking heritage, marrying cultural values and sensory delights in a session at our one of a kind in South Africa tea table.

Ms Ling Lin


Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 19.35_edited.jpg

Taichi & Public Health

Who said intense exercises are most beneficial? Follow Dr Yang through a series of different Taichi styles to relax and strengthen your body.

Sign up for the 2024 Semester 1 Taichi course

Dr Hang Yang




CI works together with our partner Universities to provide various scholarships to UWC students, research fellows and staff. 

For more information on scholarship and other opportunities please email Dr Wu on

Students Taking Exams

Culture Program & Events 

CI plans and organizes annual cultural exchange programs for students and staff training programs between South Africa and China, ever since 2018. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is more relaxed and international travel is open, the exchange program will call for applications. The previous year's program can be found in the following link. 

2018 FCHS Students' Internship Tour 

2021 Virtual Culture Exchange Program

2022 Chinese Concert 

2022 Arts Exhibition- Long walk to freedom 

2023 Chinese Visit


Venues and Facilities 

With our renovation of the new offices, we have included a series of spaces, which, if booked in advance, could be used for your functions. Please have a look at our venues and facilities here

If you would like to book a venue, please book using the button below or email

Ms Hang Yang


Students Taking Exams
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