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UWC Student makes it onto China Daily News!

The 20th Global Generation Z - Discussion Forum was successfully held in Beijing with our Chinese Medicine Alumni, Dr Shannah Erasmas, and current Chinese medicine student, Ms Sinovuyo Mkula.

"Two South African youth representatives, Xinuo, a senior student majoring in traditional Chinese medicine from the University of the Western Cape, and Shana, a graduate student majoring in traditional Chinese medicine from Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shared their views on TCM online. They fully agree with the important role of traditional Chinese medicine in treating diseases and pass on the unique "Chinese business card" of traditional Chinese medicine to the South African people. Shino also shared her views on the "Belt and Road". She believes China's "Belt and Road" initiative is significant for improving global poverty reduction governance and building a better world.

Sinovuyo Mkula and Shannah from South Africa talked to the forum via video about Chinese traditional medicine. Both told of the important role it plays in treating diseases in Africa. The Belt and Road Initiative is essential in helping to reduce global poverty and to build a better world, Sinovuyo said."

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