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UWC Librarians Assist the Confucius Institute with Chinese Books Collection

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has long been known for its diverse and international student body. To further expand upon this rich tapestry of cultures, the UWC librarians recently visited the Confucius Institute library to facilitate with organizing and cataloguing their extensive collection of Chinese books. The Confucius Institute, a global organization dedicated to promoting the Chinese language and culture, houses a treasure trove of literature on various topics, including Chinese medicine, language, and culture.

A Rich Collection:

The collection at the Confucius Institute includes textbooks on traditional Chinese medicine, language learning materials, books on Chinese history, and cultural books that explore various aspects of Chinese life. Some highlights of the collection include:

Chinese Medicine Textbooks: The Institute boasts an impressive array of Chinese medicine textbooks, covering everything from acupuncture to herbal remedies. These texts provide insight into the ancient knowledge and practices that have shaped Chinese medicine for centuries.

Language Books: For those interested in learning Mandarin, the Confucius Institute offers a comprehensive selection of language books catering to different skill levels. From beginner guides to advanced grammar books, students can access all the necessary resources to master the language.

Cultural Books: The cultural books at the Institute cover various topics, including Chinese art, philosophy, and customs. These books provide a fascinating glimpse into the rich tapestry of Chinese history and culture, allowing readers to explore various aspects of life in China.

The UWC librarians will work closely with the Confucius Institute staff to develop a cataloguing system to make it easier for users to navigate the collection. The collaboration will also provide a unique opportunity for the librarians to learn more about Chinese literature and for the Confucius Institute staff to gain valuable insights into library management and organization.

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