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UWC CI Team expands

Despite the cold and wet weather that often marks this time of the year, the University of the Western Cape (UWC) is bustling with energy and excitement. Recently, the campus has been graced by the arrival of three new Mandarin teachers – Mr Luntian Chen, Mr Mingwei Huo, and Miss Li Luo. These highly qualified instructors have joined forces with Miss Hugo Wilma and Ms Ling Lin to provide students with a rich and engaging experience in the HSK classes.

As language enthusiasts and dedicated educators, Mr Chen, Mr Huo, and Miss Luo have taken the opportunity to explore the stunning campus of UWC while adapting to their new environment. Despite the chilly weather, they have been spotted walking around the campus grounds, admiring the beautiful surroundings and conversing with the diverse student body.

The HSK classes, which are designed to help students gain proficiency in Mandarin, are now even better equipped to provide exceptional instruction with the addition of these three experts. Their unique teaching styles and extensive experience in Mandarin education are expected to bring a fresh perspective to the existing curriculum, further enhancing the learning experience for students.

With the campus community's support and their colleagues' guidance, Mr Chen, Mr Huo, and Miss Luo are poised to significantly impact the HSK program at the University of the Western Cape. As they settle into their roles, students and faculty eagerly anticipate the many contributions they will make to the vibrant academic environment.

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