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The Way of Type – Modernisation of Chinese Typography

Cape Town, South Africa's bustling city, recently hosted an enlightening and inspiring workshop titled "The Way of Characters: The Path of Writing." Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Table Mountain, this event drew writers, poets, and literary enthusiasts from across the globe, eager to explore and celebrate the art and craft of writing. Nestled within the heart of Mother City, the workshop provided an idyllic setting for creative minds to gather and share their passion for storytelling.

Our esteemed co-director, Dr Bengmin Zeng, kicked off the event with an opening speech that captivated the audience, setting the tone for the workshop. Dr Zeng eloquently discussed the importance of understanding the essence of characters in writing. He emphasized that every character, be it fictional or real, carries within them a distinct voice and history that contribute to the overall fabric of a story. By exploring the depths and nuances of each character, writers can create intricate and compelling narratives that captivate readers and endure the test of time.

Over several days, attendees had the opportunity to participate in various interactive sessions led by distinguished authors, poets, and educators. One of the workshop's highlights was a panel discussion featuring prominent local and international authors who shared their insights on the unique challenges and rewards of writing in today's rapidly evolving literary landscape. As the sun set on the workshop's final day, attendees left with a renewed sense of inspiration and a deeper understanding of the way of characters and the writing path. The connections forged during the event, and the invaluable knowledge gained will leave a lasting impact on the literary community in Cape Town and beyond.

This event even made it to Cape Town Magazine.

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