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The Chinese Bridge Proficiency Event at the University of the Western Cape - dry run.

An event of considerable significance unfolded on the bustling shores of Cape Town, nestled within the luxurious Lagoon Beach Hotel. An evening dedicated to celebrating and exploring the Chinese language and culture, masterminded by the University of the Western Cape (UWC). This event, known as the Chinese Bridge Proficiency for Foreign Secondary Students, is a testament to the growing global interest in Chinese culture and language and a shining example of the power of cultural exchange.

Organized by the Confucius Institute for Chinese Medicine at UWC, the event took place on the 15th of June. The hours leading up to the event were a beehive of activity, with the Institute's personnel working tirelessly to ensure a flawless and enlightening experience for the attendees. All eyes were on

Dr Yang and Mr Yu, the masters of ceremonies (MCs) for the event, as they meticulously rehearsed their roles, perfecting the delivery of their narratives and the cadence of their speeches. Their commitment was palpable, reflecting the earnest desire of the Institute to showcase the richness of Chinese culture to the world.

The Chinese Bridge Proficiency event is designed for foreign secondary students, providing them with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of Chinese language and culture. Through interactive activities and engaging sessions, the students are exposed to various facets of Chinese culture, from the complexities of the language to the nuances of the traditions. The event also serves as a platform for these students to demonstrate their proficiency in Chinese, underlining its core focus: fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

We hope to see them ready on stage and to observe what the students have been practising of the Chinese language and culture. See you tomorrow!

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