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Henan Arts Troupe Performance at Westin Hotel

The Henan Arts Troupe came all the way from China to give an outstanding performance at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town as an early celebration of the Chinese New Year. The celebration brought in the Year of the Dragon with pomp and flair, and the audience participated in and enjoyed the proceedings immensely.

The Chinese learning students from the University of the Western Cape, and staff from Confucius Institute all joined in the festivities. There was dancing, singing, martial arts, Chinese instrument performances and even a magic show! What made the event special was the chance for students to interact with the performers, learn about Chinese traditions, and take photos.

This exchange of cultures not only entertained everyone but also helped people understand and enjoy Chinese arts. The celebration at the Westin Hotel brought people together, fostering a sense of unity as they welcomed the Year of the Dragon with enthusiasm.

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