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Finding My Path in Chinese Medicine and Culture - Shannah

Hi there,

Do you remember a student named Shannah who graduated from UWC - School of Natural Medicine? She is now in China doing her Master's, and it's going well. See the message she wrote below:

Embarking on a Master's in Chinese Medicine was not just an academic but a cultural plunge into China. My limited Mandarin became an unexpected icebreaker. Shared struggles with the language led to cherished friendships with international and local classmates. Beyond academics, these friends introduced me to local cuisines and traditions.

The rich Chinese culture was a revelation. From practising tai chi at dawn to indulging in traditional herbal teas and exploring ancient temples, I became deeply intertwined with local traditions. Even everyday tasks, like navigating local markets, became lessons in cultural immersion and adaptation.

Despite challenges, the blend of academia and cultural experiences has been rewarding. For those considering a similar path, embrace the unknown and let every experience be a stepping stone to growth.

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