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Endeavouring Wellness: A Day of Wholesome Wellbeing at UWC

At UWC, the key to a successful and thriving community lies in the overall wellbeing of our staff members. With this vision in mind, we are thrilled to share our recent "Wellness Day," dedicated to promoting employee wellbeing across various aspects of life. We were excited to see our staff members come together and participate in multiple activities.

The day began with an energizing morning Walk Run of approximately 4km, which saw our staff members of UWC CI enthusiastically participate. We proudly announce that our new Mandarin teacher, Mr Chen Liutian, secured the first position in the race, showcasing their incredible fitness and determination.

Following the morning Walk Run, our esteemed Dr Wang and Dr Yang treated the entire UWC staff to a mesmerizing Taichi demonstration. This ancient Chinese martial art, known for its flowing movements and mental focus, was an inspiring lesson in the harmony of mind and body.

To add some competitive spirit to the day, a lively tug-of-war competition was organized, with staff members actively and wholeheartedly engaging in this test of strength and teamwork. This activity helped boost camaraderie among the participants and acted as an excellent opportunity for physical exercise.

We at UWC CI are committed to fostering a culture that prioritizes and supports the wellbeing of our staff members. By providing holistic services that address physical, financial, psychological, and recreational aspects, we aim to ensure that our team remains healthy, happy, and motivated in their professional and personal lives.

We want to thank everyone who joined us in "Endeavouring Wellness," making it a truly unforgettable day. Your enthusiasm and participation made this initiative a resounding success, and we look forward to organizing more such events. Stay well, and continue to Endeavour Wellness!

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