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Embracing Healthy Living: The Confucius Institute Team Joins the Umhlanga Parkrun in Durban

Hello everyone!

While we were in Durban for the 22nd Chinese Bridge University competition, our team from the Confucius Institute of the Universtiy of the Western Cape took the chance to partake in the local Umhlanga Parkrun. Dr Wu, Dr Hang, Ms Wilam and Ms Luo were enthusiastic participants in this event, demonstrating our commitment to promoting linguistic and cultural education and a healthy lifestyle.

Parkruns are community-focused events encouraging people of all ages and fitness levels to exercise regularly in the beautiful outdoors. The Umhlanga Parkrun, with its stunning coastal route, provided the perfect setting for our team to embrace the spirit of this activity while enjoying Durban's natural beauty.

In our quest to foster an understanding of Chinese culture and language, we firmly believe in maintaining a healthy mind and body balance. As practitioners and educators, we view participation in events like the Parkrun as integral to promoting this balanced, holistic lifestyle. It's not just about running or walking the course; it's about community engagement, promoting fitness, and, importantly, having fun.

As we continue to participate in such events, we aim to inspire our students and the wider community to join us in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Remember, a healthy body fosters a healthy mind, enabling better learning and cultural understanding. So here's to more Parkruns, cultural exchange, and healthy living!

Stay fit, stay healthy, and keep learning,

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