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Dr Yang, now a SA Chinese Medicine Doctor

Dr Yang is a renowned rehabilitation specialist and Chinese medicine doctor practising in the Zhejiang Province of China. She has recently joined UWC CI for a year and has successfully obtained the certification to practice in South Africa. This certification process is quite challenging, but Dr Yang has persevered and accomplished it.

To practice Chinese medicine in South Africa with a foreign license, one must obtain certification of their qualifications from the South African Traditional Health Practitioners Council (SATHPC). This process involves submitting various documents, including copies of the applicant's qualifications, a letter of good standing from the relevant regulatory authority, and evidence of clinical experience. The applicant must also demonstrate that they have met the required competencies set by the SATHPC, which may involve completing additional training or assessments. After completing the certification process, the applicant can apply for registration with the SATHPC to practice traditional medicine in South Africa.

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