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Classes Have Commenced: Let the Learning Begin!

Confucius Institute Classes Commence with a Flourish of Language and Cultural Learning

Amidst the palpable excitement that comes with the start of a new academic semester, students at UWC found themselves not only excited to meet their classmates but also eager to dive into the vast sea of knowledge awaiting them.

As the semester began, several Chinese language courses started, these classes, which cater to students from a wide range of linguistic abilities, are designed to enhance students' proficiency in Mandarin while also offering a unique insight into Chinese culture.

The commencement of the semester saw the launch of HSK 1, taught by Mr Huo, a basic Mandarin course aimed at students who are just beginning to learn the language. Meanwhile, Ms. Chen kicked off HSK 2, for students who have some prior knowledge of Mandarin. On the other hand, HSK 3, an intermediate Mandarin course, was led by Ms. Hugo. For those students already proficient in Mandarin and looking to refine their language skills, Ms. Chen also offered HSK 4, an advanced course tailored to their needs.

In addition to these traditional language courses, CI also offered specialized classes to cater to students' diverse interests. Business Chinese, taught by Ms. Lin, aimed to equip students with the language skills needed to thrive in a business environment. For those seeking a more casual approach to learning Mandarin, Conversational Chinese was also on offer, with Ms. Lin once again at the helm. This class aimed to foster a relaxed environment where students could practice their conversational skills in Mandarin, building their confidence and fluency in the language.

Beyond language, CI also offered a unique Taichi class, led by Dr. Yang. As a teacher of the ancient Chinese martial art, Dr. Yang not only taught students the physical movements but also the philosophy behind them, offering a holistic approach to learning.

With a diverse array of courses taught by passionate instructors, students are well on their way to mastering Mandarin and gaining a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

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