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Celebrating Chinese Teachers' Day in Cape Town: A Day to Remember

Hey everyone!

Today was a day to remember as we celebrated Chinese Teachers' Day. The event was hosted at the Consulate General of China in Cape Town, and trust me, it was a gathering you wouldn't want to miss. Kicking things off was Consul General You, who gave an inspiring speech. A heartfelt "thank you" was extended to all the educators in the room for their hard work and dedication. The vibe was genuinely uplifting, setting the tone for the entire event.

We also had some excellent guest speakers that added a lot of wisdom to the day. Folks from UCT's International Relations department, Rhodes University, Mr. Bawa, and even a lecturer from Stellenbosch took the mic. It was clear that we were in a room filled with people who are super passionate about education.

The room was full of teachers and professors from various universities, along with some folks from the Confucius Institute and local classrooms.

And our student from UWC performed a lovely song to wish everyone well.

Thanks to all teachers, without you, our students, society won't be where we are.

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