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Catalyzing Leadership and Global Partnerships in African Higher Education: Highlights from the CORVi

The CORViP conference, themed "Advancing Excellence in African Higher Education", emphasized the need for engagement with academics via collaborative staff Development programmes. Prof Kenneth Matengu, Vice-Chancellor of UNAM, advocated for knowledge sharing and collaboration. As part of this commitment, UWC's research leadership program, PEEP, was introduced at the conference and is set to be implemented at UNAM to nurture future leaders.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Prof Frantz of UWC and Prof Matengu, pledging to continue the PEEP program across UNAM's 12 campuses.

Moreover, an exchange mechanism was initiated between the Africa-China consortium of universities, with Zhejiang Normal University and UWC reaffirming their partnership and setting up joint initiatives across multiple disciplines.

The PEEP program aims to instil leadership awareness and skills in emerging and mid-career researchers, facilitating them to be influential contributors in the higher education sector. UNAM participants have actively begun their journey with the first module of the four-part program.

For more details, refer to the full text here.

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