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A New Chapter Begins: From Cape Town to Zhejiang, Embracing Change with Gratitude and Courage

The student in question had put in an incredible amount of effort to make her dream of studying at a Chinese university a reality. She had tirelessly worked to improve her language skills, achieving an impressive HSK level 3 (Chinese Mandarin Language test), demonstrating her dedication to mastering the language. Along with her linguistic achievements, she managed to secure funding for her studies, demonstrating her resourcefulness and determination. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and hope that her hard work and determination will continue to pay off in whatever path she chooses. Below is a message from her on her way to China:

Dr Shannah Erasmas said: 'As the plane took off, leaving the familiar landscapes of Cape Town behind, a whirlwind of emotions enveloped me. For the second time, I was embarking on a journey to Zhejiang, China, where I would pursue my master's degree. My heart is brimmed with gratitude for the opportunity to study at a prestigious university and immerse myself in a culture that has always fascinated me. At the same time, anxiety and fear of the unknown gripped me as I ventured into a new chapter of my life.

I was excited and nervous the first time I set foot in China. I was eager to learn and adapt to my new environment, but the cultural differences and language barrier proved challenging. My initial experience in Zhejiang taught me resilience and the importance of open-mindedness. I am grateful for the friendships I forged during that time, which gave me invaluable support and guidance.

As I embark on this new journey, I cannot help but feel anxious about what lies ahead. I am aware that pursuing a master's degree will require dedication, hard work, and perseverance. There will be moments when I will question my capabilities and fear that I may not be able to meet the expectations placed upon me. However, I embrace these challenges with a grateful heart, acknowledging that this opportunity is a privilege and a testament to my potential.

The unknown scares me, but it also excites me. I am eager to delve into my chosen field of study and expand my knowledge in ways that will help me make a meaningful impact on the world. I anticipate forming new connections, learning from my peers, and absorbing the wisdom of my mentors. I am eager to explore Zhejiang and its rich history and look forward to immersing myself in its vibrant culture.

Moving to a new location is never without its fears. I am leaving behind the comfort and familiarity of Cape Town to venture into a strange and wondrous world. But I believe growth lies in confronting our fears and embracing the unknown. As I navigate the challenges of adapting to a new environment, I will strive to maintain a positive attitude, trusting that this journey will mould me into a better version of myself.

I am grateful for this opportunity to study in Zhejiang, China. The experiences and lessons that await me will undoubtedly shape my character and empower me to pursue my dreams. As I confront my anxieties and fears, I will remind myself that I can overcome any obstacle with courage and determination and make the most of this incredible adventure.'

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