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The Chinese Bridge Proficiency Event at the University of the Western Cape

The 15th of June marked a momentous occasion in Cape Town as the Lagoon Beach Hotel hosted an extraordinary event, the Chinese Bridge Proficiency for Foreign Secondary Students, organised by the University of the Western Cape (UWC). This grand event, which has now successfully concluded, was a vibrant showcase of the Chinese language and culture, further strengthening the cultural bridges between nations.

Under the able stewardship of the Confucius Institute for Chinese Medicine at UWC, the event was executed flawlessly. The dedication and meticulous preparation of the Masters of Ceremonies, Dr Yang and Mr Yu, were evident in their captivating narratives and speeches that helped shape the evening into an enriching cultural experience. Their infectious passion perfectly embodies the Institute's mission to promote and celebrate Chinese culture. The event's special guests included:

  1. People's Republic of China - Consulate General in Cape Town - Consul General You Wenzhe.

  2. People's Republic of China - Embassy in South Africa - Education Counselor Li Xudong.

  3. People's Republic of China - Embassy in the Republic of South Africa - Education Officer - Mr. Li Yuanzheng.

  4. South African Department of Basic Education - Chinese Education Advisor - Mr Li Xun.

  5. National Energy Group - Longyuan South Africa - Renewable Energy Ltd - Chief Accountant - Mr Wang Wei.

  6. As well as the Chinese and foreign deans of the various Confucius Institutes in South Africa.

  7. Mr Umesh Bawa, the director of the International Relations Office at the University of the Western Cape.

  8. Mr. Clarence Blignaught, the chief Education Specialist for Curriculum National Department of Basic Education of the Republic of South Africa

  9. Ms. Nomsa Shabangu, Deputy Director for International Relations at the Department of Basic Education

Designed specifically for foreign secondary students, the event was an enlightening immersion into the Chinese language and traditions. The students enthusiastically participated in various activities, demonstrating their proficiency in Chinese and understanding of its intricate culture. It was inspiring to see the young minds so deeply engaged, and it underlined the event's core mission: to foster a profound appreciation of Chinese culture.

Reflecting on the Chinese Bridge Proficiency event at UWC, it is evident that it was more than just a cultural exchange program. It successfully demonstrated the growing global interest in Chinese culture and highlighted the crucial role that institutions like UWC play in fostering intercultural understanding. As we look back on this successful event, we eagerly anticipate future editions that will continue to build on this success and deepen the cultural connections between nations.

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