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Chinese Bridge Competition - Upcoming event!

It's time for the annual Chinese Bridge Competition - where students across the country come together to compete and showcase their Mandarin and cultural learning. This year, the theme is:

Theme: Fly high with Chinese

Time: 14 June 2022 (Tuesday) - 13h00 - 17h00

Location: Online (ZOOM) and Youtube.

For those who were interested, below are the requirements:

  • A student at a local university

  • Non-Chinese nationality, born and raised outside China, the native language is non-Chinese.

  • A first-prize winner in the 13th Chinese Bridge competition is not eligible.

Content of the competition

The contents of the competition consist of three parts: theory quiz, speech and talent showcase. The total score is 100 points. The order of the contestants will be decided on during the orientation by the host through a random draw.

PART 1: Theory quiz

A theory quiz will be done on a Chinese Platform known as 考试云 (Kao Shi Yun); the content will be related to Chinese Culture, national geographics, Chinese language and lifestyles etc. The contestants need to complete 50 multiple-choice questions.

PART 2: Speech

The contestants will speak in Mandarin for three minutes, and using the rubric provided; the contestant will get a score. The speech needs to cover the theme, Chinese culture, national geographics, Chinese language etc. A video recording of the speech will also be done in case of any technological challenges on the day.

PART 3: Talent show

Each contestant has three minutes to showcase the Chinese talent they have prepared based on their skills and interests.

Join us on the day! More information will follow closer to the time.

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