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A Tea Expedition at the Confucius Institute

It was an afternoon steeped in tradition when four exam and graduate office visitors embarked on a journey through the aromatic world of teas at the Confucius Institute. Guided by our esteemed Tea Master, Ms Lin Lling, the air was fragrant with myriad scents, each telling its own story.

With each pour, Ms. Lling unveiled the history, culture, and technique behind the brews. Each tea represented a facet of Chinese heritage, from the delicate whites to robust blacks. The visitors, captivated by the intricate art of tea-making, expressed their admiration for the depth of flavours and the meticulous skill that went into each cup.

The session became more than just an exploration of teas; it was a communion of minds, an exchange of stories, and an appreciation of an ancient craft. As the afternoon sun casts a golden hue, the four visitors are left with enriched palates, enlightened minds, and a newfound respect for the timeless tea ritual.

If you also wish to join us for tea journey, please email us at

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